I have two rules for what I think good writing should look like:

  1. It should be character driven, about humans and their experiences. I want arc and journeys and I don't mind other parts of the story bending to allow a character arc to work better. I want to really feel these people and what they're going through in a way that related to me even if their situation is in the extreme.
  2. It should be fucking badass as hell!

Okay no so like examples of incredible and terrible writing. JK Rowling, the hack TERF scum, have kind of set up Dumbldoor and Jonny Depp being lovers in her whole "tee hee so I do support gay rights, gay rights to happen off screen" and then made a movie about the characters and was like "oh the reason they can't fight is because of a muguffin not because of any emotional hang ups". That is the worst fucking writing imaginable to me. Russel T Davies, god bless him, wrote the Doctor unable to kill the Master even when it would have made sense to do so because the Doctor loved him still and because they were the last of their kind, the plot revolved around that emotional struggle in the Doctor, not any physical inability. That is far more compelling to me and what I mean when I say I don't mind other elements of a story bending to work with character arcs. I hope those qualities are something I emulate in my own writing.

Here I'm thinkin I'll put a catalogue of extended pieces of writing on writing, ya know? Cos I have thoughts and I want to put them down sometimes. Not big serious essays or anything just things that don't fit in reviews but I feel like saying. Will update once I do that.

I really like writing. I write words literally every day. Probably my number one activity in life if you don't include breathing or being annoying.

So this is going to be the hub from where you can find anything I consider writing or writing related. I'm going to start with reviewing (in so far as putting down my thoughts on) books I've read, as a record. Then might start putting some of my own writing. Anything short I have first then some longer pieces.

Putting my own writing right after putting my thoughts about writing is certainly a reckless move in my opinion. It is hard to judge with one hand and offer yourself up for judgement the next. But I must keep the monologue from Ratatouie in mind. The review calling something crap is of less value than the crap itself, when it is genuine art someone has created. I don't want to sit comfortably on the side telling others what I think of their work. I want to offer up my own genuine work too, let others judge me too. Vulnerability is hard but necessary if you want to create art of worth.


Reviews might be too strong a word. Some of these might be more in depth, if I have a lot to say, others will just be brief thoughts on the book. Fiction books I have more to say on, non-fiction will be included for completions sake but I don't have as much to say about them without simply talking about whether the topic itself is interest. There will be spoilers throughout, so if you care about those don't read any review for a book you might want to read. Also if you care about spoilers, don't.

Short Stories

This is for any piece of fiction I write that I deem to be short. Currently there is one story in there, as I shall confess to you, but I have some old stuff I want to dust off and stick in there and some stuff I'm presently working on.

Long Stories

Currently there is only one story in here because it takes longer to put a long story up, obviously, but I do have another I want to put up and another still I'm working on. But yeah this is the good shit look at it pwease.