Here you shall find all of the socks I have ever knitted. Ones made after this point will be dated, older ones won't be.

I don't have much to say on most of them besides the wool used. They are socks. What more do you want? Skip to my first project.

Finished . West Yorkshire Spinners' Signature 4 ply in Summer Sun.

Finished at aproximately 1 in the morning while watching Riverdale. West Yorkshire Spinners' Signature 4 ply in Forest Stripes.

Finished early . This wool is actually interesting because it doesn't come from a brand. I got it at a Christmas market in Lincoln last year which came from a farm a few miles out of the city. Half and half of alpaca and merino wool. They are incredibly soft and warm and I use exclusively as slippers because I accidently made them on 4mm needles instead of 3.25mm like usual. Very happy with them still.

Finished . Swaledale Woollens in Natural and Navy. Socks I knitted for my Undergraduate graduation in uni colours. 100% sheep wool from a small spinners that my parent's brought back from holiday. Harder to work with that the nylon blend I'm used to but the finished product is very sturdy and warm if a little rough. Very good socks for cold and wet weather.

Finished ? King Cole Zig Zag in Autumn Glory.

Finished . [yarn] Bisexual pride socks because I am bisexual as hell and love socks and love knitting. Opal 4 ply in red, blue, and violet.

Finished ???? King Cole Zig Zag in Bluejay.

Finished ???? James C. Brett Funny Feetz in FZ05 (sadly discontinued)(Also I have two pairs of these, one which are the right size and one which aren't but I will group them together because they are just the same).