Here in you shall find a record of my larger knitting projects and ones that I haven't made enough of to justify having their own category.

I shall give the date finished, if I still know that, the yarns used if fesible, and a bit about the project. Most recent first. Skip to my first project.

Finished . West Yorkshire Spinners signature in cirtrus yellow, cerise pink, lime green, zesty orange, and deep teal. I have taken to calling this jumper my JoJo Jumper, both because it makes me look like a JoJo character and because I watched all of part 5 while knitting it. It only took me 6 days and I kind of made up the design of the arms as I was doing it. I also nearly ran out of wool for the arms but just narrowly made it. All in all, I am extremely pleased with it, I think my technique was extremely good and it looks hot (not physically since it is for summer wear after all) and I am exctied to wear it out and about.

Finished . West Yorkshire Spinners blah blah in [colours here]. This was the jumper I dreamed of one day making back when I first took knitting back up. I've been a big jumper person for a while but to make jumpers myself felt like an unattainable goal. Having complete freedom to make things however you want is probably the greatest joy of knitting, so of course I was going to make a jumper that is just a big pride and bi flag. If anyone meets me and thinks I'm heterosexual that truly is their problem at this point.

Finished . [wool]. This was the first jumper I ever made as a way to test that I understood the pattern. There were a few mistakes around how to pick up stitches at first and I did figure out I needed to make it shorter. I don't wear it much but it was important as a learning experience.

Finished . Various yarns, all acrylic. This blanket was another big simple project for me to do to keep myself occupied during covid times. While I was still getting more confident with socks, knitting squares was really nice as both repetitive and kind of mindless, so it helped me through that a lot. I might never make another blanket like this though because I hate sewing. Maybe if I find someone to sew it together for me. Technically unfinished because I haven't done a second row of crotchet for the border like I planned but I don't need to say that. Also lots of ends to sew in but, again, I hate sewing.

Finished . Drops Karisma Uni Colour in 47 and 73. This was a birthday present for my granddad that I worked at breakneck speed to get done in time. I'm quite pleased with the end result, though if I were to do something like it now I would like to try doing it in double knit.

Finished . Cannot remember what wool this was made with, will update if I find the bands again. This was made with the left over wool from my scarf. I'm happy with them, they're comfortable and attractive in colour though I think I would refine the technique or refer to a pattern if I were to do them again. Also would like to try cabling out for gloves like this, though maybe not if they're already rainbows.

Finished . Various yarns, all acrylic. This blanket was the first knitting project I gave myself when I took it back up. To put some perspective on how long it took me, I started it in September 2018, at the start of my second year of uni. I originally took it up as a relaxing thing. Finishing it up did provide me much relief since, as you can tell from the date, I finished it during the first lockdown so it was helping to keep me sane. I am really happy with it, and it help build my confidence and speed just doing basic stitches which has really helped later. And it is just cosy to have around.

Finished . Cannot remember what wool this was made with, will update if I find the bands again. This wool was a christmas present from my grandmother so I quickly got to work making it into a scarf. I really had to rush it because I didn't want to carry it half done on needles back to uni with me.