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this will be where I link essays I've put up I think, might try and group them by topic if there are any overlaps big enough for that

So in case you didn't read anything on my main page for some reason, I did a history undergraduate and am going to do an MA in medieval history in the autumn. Calling myself a history does sound a bit rich to me, but at the same time, I am very smart. Big Brain Boy. One of my tutors spent like all of third year trying to poach me for the MA at the uni which he ran. I am attending a different university for my MA, sadly, but I digress. Some more flexing or something I don't know.

I don't know if I have a point, I might just be filling space on the page. Ummmm...

I guess that I love history and honestly? I love essay writing. Some of my best times at uni were when I was dedicating all my time and brain to getting a bunch of essays done. That was when I felt most Alive . So while I might be struggling to do anything on that level right now, partly because it's very challenging to access academic work without being enrolled in an institution, I do have old essays that were quite good. So I'm going to put them up here because messing around with the formatting sounds very fun.