Look there's a coupla stories I got to go here but when I say they're long...they're long.

I will start putting them in at some point but HTML is not a kind mistress.

I could probably just embed them as pdfs or something if I was smart but I also like the ability to fuck around with formatting in HTML.

So I will put some stuff here, keep your eyes open, I will probably mention it on Tumblr once I start putting chapters up, knowing me.

Spirits of War

I started writing this for Nano write month 2020 and finished it sometime in 2021 (I could check the date on when I finished but I can't be arsed right now). Overall word count of 170K and there's a couple of chapters I haven't written yet so those will have place holders. I haven't put most of it in here yet but I am working on it, slowly but surely.

By way of actual blurb... I don't know. I don't know what to write here to not sound like a stupid blurb you get on books that sound like the most generic thing ever or like a tumblr book recommendation. I could try both of them.

Right that covers all my bases I think. Ignore the title. I know it's stupid. I hate thinking of titles. Bye.

Last and most important thing actually, Content Warnings for violence and sexual assualt, the former doesn't really start until after chapter 15 and the latter is only one chapter that I will specifically add a note to. Neither is particularly graphic or anything, but I don't want people going in unprepared.